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Diabetes Myths and Facts

Be smart about your health by knowing the important facts (and myths) about diabetes.

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Managing Diabetes

Diabetes can affect many aspects of your life and cause serious health problems over time.
The good news is, you can help keep your diabetes under control.

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Testing for Diabetes

Because there are no clear symptoms of prediabetes and because type 2 diabetes may have no symptoms early on, it’s possible to have prediabetes or diabetes without even knowing it.

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Understanding Diabetes

29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, and an estimated 86 million people age 20 years or older have prediabetes.
One in four people who have diabetes doesn’t even know he or she has it, making it important to know what diabetes and its signs are.

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What Causes Diabetes?

Although often referred to as one disease, diabetes is actually a group of diseases. While all types of diabetes mean that you have a higher than normal level of glucose in the blood, the causes and risk factors for each type are different.

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What's My A1C?

The A1C is a blood test that measures your average blood sugar level for the last three months and your chance of having health problems because of diabetes.

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