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You Can Be Tobacco-free: Better Oral Health Starts Here

Using tobacco hurts your body, including your mouth. Many who use tobacco show the obvious signs of smoking like receding gums, chronic bad breath, and stained and/or loose teeth.

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Cigna Lifestyle Management Coaching

Whether your goal is to lose weight, quit tobacco, or lower your stress levels, you have the power to make it happen with the help of Cigna Lifestyle Management Programs. These programs are provided to you at no additional cost and can be utilized online and over the phone.

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Kaman Work-Life Solutions Resources

Time to Quit: Smoking Cessation Guide

Ready to quit smoking? Congratulations! You have a made a decision that will benefit the health and wellness of friends and family, as well as yourself. This smoking cessation booklet is designed to support you on a daily basis and focuses on common situations new non-smokers may find.

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FDA 101: Smoking Cessation Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a variety of smoking cessation products. These include prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter products like skin patches, lozenges, and gum.

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What to Expect When You Quit Smoking

Whatever path you take to becoming a non-smoker – “cold turkey,” support groups, nicotine patches, medication, or some combination of these – you may have challenges on the road to achieving your goal.

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Clearing the Air: Quit Smoking Today

This booklet, provided by the National Cancer Institute, can help you prepare to quit smoking and support you in the days and weeks after you quit. It also describes problems to expect when you quit. Being prepared can help you through the hard times.

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Kick the Habit!

You don’t have to do it alone. Get what you need to help you quit smoking and tobacco products for good.

  • Visit mycigna.com for tools and tips to help you quit
  • Call the national tobacco quitline at 800-784-8669
  • Use the National Cancer Institute’s QuitGuide app >
  • Check out smokefree.gov, which has chat rooms for support

Cigna Lifestyle Management

Get started with a Cigna Lifestyle Management Coach at no additional cost, and choose to engage over the phone, online, or via both methods.

Call 866-417-7848 or the number on the back of your Cigna ID card to get started.