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Questions to Ask Yourself About Work and Cancer


Questions to Ask Your Employer About Work and Cancer


Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team About Work and Cancer

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Addressing Comments at Work: From Well-Intentioned to Outright Offensive

Its hard to anticipate how people will react or respond to the disclosure of a cancer diagnosis. Even the reaction of someone who is well-intended might not be the right one for you at that moment.

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Back to Work After Cancer

Find out what you need to know about how your cancer history may affect you on the job and how to take full advantage of the protections afforded to you under the law.

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Cancer in the Workplace Tip Sheet

Dealing with cancer in the workplace can present challenges for the person who is ill, as well as their colleagues and supervisors at work.

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Creating an Action Plan with Your Doctor

Having a plan can help restore your sense of control and leave your with more energy to cope with the rest of the process.

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Getting Organized

Once youve developed a treatment strategy, youll want to focus on getting back to business. The same organizational skills youve honed on the job are key to making the process run smoothly.

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Professional Clothing During Cancer

To decrease the time and energy you spend on your clothes, create a work uniform. Find a basic look that suits you professionally and physically.

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Recasting Yourself After Cancer

A common fear for people returning to the same job or company following a cancer diagnosis is that they will be seen as someone who had cancer, and it will hold them back.

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Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations can be helpful whether youre working through treatment or returning to work after taking some time off.

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Setting Professional Boundaries

Learning to set boundaries on the job might enable you to decline certain requests. Although it may be difficult to say no, figuring out how can make you a better employee.

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Work and Cancer Treatment

If you plan to continue working while undergoing treatment, you can make the process easier by planning, preparing, and communicating with your employer and coworkers.

Work and Cancer Treatment Working During Cancer Treatment
Your Legal Rights in the Workplace: Cancer and the ADA, FMLA

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act mean that you wont experience discrimination and your job will be secure after you take time off due to illness.

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