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Cancer Diagnosis: 11 Tips for Coping

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, knowing what to expect and making plans for how to proceed can help make this stressful time easier.

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Feelings and Cancer

Cancer can bring up a wide range of feelings that are more intense than you normally feel. However you decide to cope, know that it’s important not to compare yourself with others.

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How Do I Cope?

Feelings such as disbelief, shock, fear, and anger are all normal reactions to a cancer diagnosis, and take a lot of mental energy. This article helps you identify coping skills and signs of depression.

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Coping with Sadness

A cancer diagnosis can cause feelings of sadness, loss of interest, anxiety, and/or anger. Even in remission, you may feel frustrated with lingering side effects or fear of recurrence.

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Taking Time:
Support for People with Cancer

This ebook was written to help you learn from other people with cancer.

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Kaman and Cigna’s “Navigating Cancer” Webinar

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can be challenging, as both a patient and caregiver. Following this lunch and learn webinar, attendees will learn about theKaman Cancer Support Program and how they can access materials and resources, along with the following:

  • The relationship between lifestyle and cancer risk
  • Primary drivers of high medical costs
  • Early cancer signs
  • Avoiding and preventing cancer
  • Diagnosing cancer
  • Treatment options
  • Ongoing support