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Many caregivers feel angry at some point. They may curse, yell, get irritated, withdraw, or even get physically sick.

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It is common for people taking care of someone with cancer to experience anxiety. It can be caused by a loss of control and feelings of being overwhelmed.

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Ongoing feelings of depression need to be treated with counseling or medication. Studies have shown that caregivers have higher levels of depression than non-caregivers.

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Caregivers are at risk of fatigue from emotional stress, overload, poor sleep, poor nutrition, and not enough exercise.

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Fear and Uncertainty

Cancer and cancer treatment can be unpredictable. Feelings of fear and uncertainty among caregivers are normal, but can become a problem if the caregiver feels he or she has no control over life.

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Loneliness and Isolation

Caregivers have a lot to do. You may lose track of relationships and stop having a social life because of your caregiving duties, which can cause you to feel lonely, depressed, or sick.

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Music and Drumming Therapy

Music, sound, and vibration are three tools you can use to manage stress and maintain healthy energy levels so you can focus on the world around you.

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Sleep Problems

Sleep problems include insomnia, hypersomnia, and poor quality sleep. They can change the way you think and feel.

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Too much stress can harm your health, relationships, and enjoyment of life. Caregiver stress happens when you dont have time to do all that is asked or expected of you.

Caregiver Burnout and Stress Coping with the Stress of Caregiving Counseling to Better Cope with Caregiving

Many people find it hard to balance work and caregiving. Here are a few suggestions for dealing with work and caregiving.

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Speak with Someone Confidentially

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