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Kaman Work-Life Solutions

Kaman employees and their household members can take advantage of Kaman Work-Life Solutions. This benefit is available anytime during the day or night for access to counselors who can help find solutions and help you with issues that affect your personal and professional life. This confidential program is sponsored by Kaman and comes at no cost to you or your household.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • In-person or telephone counseling with a local, licensed professional
  • Telephone consultation and assessment with a Work/Life specialist who is an expert in child care, adult care, and everyday concerns
  • Free 30-minute consultation with an attorney, CPA, or financial expert and 25% discount off fees for additional services
  • Access to a website with articles, podcasts, webinars, assessments, live chats, and databases to help you find local resources
  • Identity theft services, including a one-hour consultation and a free kit to help you restore your identity if you find yourself the victim of identity theft
  • Phone, email, and online chats with a LifeCoach, who can support you in achieving your personal or professional goals

Accessing Work-Life Solutions

  • Toll-free: 1-800-223-2271
  • TTY: 711
  • Online: www.eapwl.com
    Username: kaman / Password: corp

Confidentiality: No information will be shared without the written consent of the individual seeking assistance, unless the counselor is legally bound to take action.

Costs: The services provided by Kaman Work-Life Solutions are provided at no cost to you. However, should you need services beyond those provided directly through the program, you are responsible for the costs.

Cigna Total Behavioral Health

Cigna provides a comprehensive behavioral health program for assistance with life events, dedicated support, lifestyle coaching, and online tools. Those with Cigna health insurance can access the following programs and tools.

Behavioral Support

Cigna’s programs give you access to behavioral experts with extensive experience. Experts can help you and your family address challenges associated with autism spectrum disorder; child and adolescent mood and anxiety disorders; eating disorders; substance use; and young adult major depression, bipolar disorder, and substance use.

The team can help for as long as needed (as long as you are covered under Cigna’s health insurance plan) and can assist you in:

  • Understanding a behavioral diagnosis
  • Learn about treatment choices and how those choices affect what you will pay out of pocket
  • Identify and manage your condition’s triggers
  • Find a health care professional or facility within Cigna’s network that is geared to your needs

For Behavioral Support, call the toll-free number on the back of your Cigna ID card. If there isn’t a number on your card, call Cigna Behavioral Health directly at 1-800-274-7603.


iPrevail provides on-demand coaching and personalized learning. After completing a brief assessment, you receive programs tailored to your individual needs and can access peer coaches based on your symptoms. You can also join support communities focused on stress, anxiety, depression, and more.

To access iPrevail, click here
and log into your myCigna account.


Take advantage of Happify’s activities and games, which are designed to help you overcome life’s challenges. Change your outlook and the way you see the world!

To access Happify, click here
and log into your myCigna account.

Man video chatting with doctor

Telemedicine for Behavioral Health

All Kaman medical plan options offered through Cigna include services through Cigna Telehealth Connection, provided by Amwell and MDLIVE with 24/7/365 access to board-certified doctors by video chat or phone.

Behavioral Telehealth gives you access to video-based services for quality care in a way that’s more convenient than visiting an office, and includes online video conferencing using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Accessing the Service

To find providers, visit my.cigna.com/web/secure/my/providers/telehealth?and log into your account. Then, scroll down to “Behavioral Health Counseling” and follow the instructions.

Short-term Disability, Long-term Disability, and Family Medical Leave

Short-term Disability (STD)

If you are eligible, Kaman automatically provides you with short-term disability coverage at no cost. For every 12 months of employment, you will receive one week of 100% of covered earnings, up to a maximum of 26 weeks. At the end of eligibility for 100% of covered earnings, an eligible employee will receive 60% of covered earnings for the remainder of the disability period, up to a combined maximum of 26 weeks.

Long-term Disability (LTD)

If you are eligible, enrolled, and approved, LTD benefits will pick up where STD coverage leaves off, beginning after 180 days of disability.

Family Medical Leave (FML) Benefits

In addition to your STD benefits, you may qualify for FML benefits if you or a family member has a serious health condition that is disabling. To be eligible, you must have been employed a total of 12 months (excluding any 7-year gap in employment) and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding your leave start date.

Depending on your state of residency, you may be eligible for other leave benefits in accordance with state regulations.

Intermittent Leave

Intermittent leave is FMLA taken in separate blocks of time for a single illness or injury. A reduced leave schedule reduces an employee?s usual number of working hours per workweek or workday.

Filing a Claim

To file a claim, visit www.matrixabsence.com or call 877-202-0055.
You may also download the Matrix eServices Mobile App for iOS or Android devices.

File a Claim

Information You Need When Filing a Claim

Depending on the type of leave, you will be asked to provide some basic information. Have the following information ready when you report your absence to Matrix:

  • Personal information (name, address, phone, last four digits of your Social Security Number)
  • Job information (title, description, workplace location, work schedule, supervisor?s name and phone, date of hire, last day worked)
  • Illness/injury information (nature of illness; how, when, and where the injury occurred; date disability began; when the disability commenced)
  • Provider information (name, address, phone, and fax for each treating provider)

Cigna Medical Summary Plan Descriptions

The summary plan descriptions below, for Healthy Advantages, Liberty, and Freedom medical plan options are included below, and provide all information on how your medical plan is administered and the benefits that you receive.

To view one of the documents below, hover over the preview and click the ?Open? button.

Healthy Advantages